Silverman Company

Founded on 1 September 2001 as physical person enterprise in a small room with the dimensions of nearly 100 m2. Since the beginning the company was able to increase quality of its products and to offer the clients permanently low price.

First company seat

It was in rented spaces of a community centre in the town of Vrbove. As the demand for our products increased the assortment was extended and the company was gradually enlarged by another three rooms. However, even at that time the premises were not satisfactory to cover necessary space for production and storage areas. The Silverman company needed to continue in purchase of modern manufacturing technologies.

Silverman ltd.

Founded on 31 December 2005 and started to build own production premises with sufficient capacity for production, storage and intended company development.

Own company premises

Our new premises were completed on 1 May 2007 and the company moved there. Wide company area (2500 m2), production and storage capacities (750 m2) offer the company space for development, purchase of the latest technologies, extension of assortment and the highest product quality.


SILVERMAN brand is becoming more and more famous in sports area going ahead easily not only in amateur but also in the top leagues of the countries like Norway, Sweden, Austria, Germany, the USA, Croatia and Slovenia. In the recent years we have been advancing in the area of outfits’ manufacturing for motocross and enduro which is evidenced by the fact that our outfits are used by multiple world champions and top Slovak class in this sport.