Classical, most commonly used cut, suitable for most designs.

Raglan cut, suitable for jerseys with logos on chest and shoulders.

The jersey is tailored of many parts wich makes the jersey more flexible and adaptable to the body of a hockey player. We charge 20% more for this jersey compared to other cuts due to more advancedproduction procedures.


It is suitable that logos, advertisements and signs are placed according to the marked position in the picture so that the outfit design is not disturbed.

adds positionadds position

The data must be sent electronically as the attachment to the order or separately to our graphical department:

The graphical base sent must meet the following requirements:


- Logos in a vector (curve) form: CorelDraw, Illustrator etc.
files cdr., ai., eps., pdf....


- a picture from the internet, scanned or photographed
- logo in Word, Excel form


Clasic Apolo Silvo Delta Ypsilon


Milano 160g, 220g Milano 160g, 220g is probably the most frequently used hockey material. There are climatic micro holes on its surface.
Canada 250g Canada 250g is modern, highly resistant polyester knitwear for maximum load.
Norbert 220g Norbert 220g is resistant hockey material the main advantage of which is smooth surface which can highlight colours and resistance.
Milano 220g bright Milano 220g bright is a variant of Milano 220g material with addition of glossy material. It has glossy surface, however, with Milano properties.


We offer high quality water-proof HOCKEY PANTS for trousers with the option of sublimation print. They are very popular because they fit very well, contain flexible elements and their design can be fitted exactly to the outfit design which is their advantage. Naturally, we also offer monochromatic pants in basic colours such as red, black, blue, white and dark blue.
V galérii nájdete fotky návlekov z výroby.

STREETHOCKEY SHORTS are made of material similar to the outfits’ material. Those are longer shorts with digital print. So their design can be fitted to the outfit design. Their cut is similar to basketball shorts and they are also popular for hockey ball.

INLINE TROUSERS in short and long versions, reinforced on thighs and on the waist. They can be also printed on particular parts. On the waist there is lacing and a buckle with a belt. Minimum number is 6 pcs.


KNITTED SOCKSS are made of high quality polyester yarn. A special manufacturing process guarantees exceptional quality and flexibility of the material. They are made in many length types, you can choose or design one’s own layout of colour strips. Sockss can be made in combination of 4 colours as a maximum.


SUBLIMED SOCKSS meet modern trends of mostly foreign hockey leagues needs. The main advantage is an option of ultra sharp sublimation print. Sockss can thus perfectly correspond to the colours of the outfit and can also contain a team, number or advertisement logo. So it is possible to create a perfect set – an outfit, pants, sockss together with printed pants.

SPECIAL SOCKSS thanks to pressed polyester knitwear developed for printing create a combination of models Subli and Knitted. Actually, they are thinner knitted sockss with sublimation print.


MINIOUTFITS with a sucker can be a very nice gift and representation items not only for big clubs. They can be ordered already in minimum quantity of 10 pcs. They are made for every type of sport.

SCARVES are made in two basic variants- knitted and sublimed. The sublimed ones are made by the same technology as the outfits. They are thinner but their advantage is that the print is absolutely unlimited and there can be a very complicated pattern, logo, advert, etc. The sublimed scarves are made in 20 pcs as a minimum. Knitted scarves are classical knitted long fan scarves, very soft and tender. Nearly anything can be knitted on the scarves except from very difficult and small details. They are made in a minimum quantity from 50 pcs.

KNITTED CAPS where a logo too complicated for knitting can be embroided. The caps are warm and very pleasant thanks to modern knitwear. Minimum quantity of 50 pcs.

SUBSEATS are digital printed polyester SUBSEATS with foam filling. Their design can contain any graphics, logo advert or photo. Minimum quantity of 50 pcs.

FLAGS in any design or of your outfit graphics, your logo, adverts, signs. That is all enabled by digital sublimation print. Small flags or big flags of any size from 20 pcs.




3XL 80 85 53 73 85 52
XXL 75 85 53 70 85 50
XL 70 85 51 64 80 50
L 65 75 51 60 75 50
M 60 75 49 53 70 46
S 55 70 45 47 62 38
XS (8-10r.) 49 60 36 - - -
XXS (6-8r.) 45 55 33 - - -
3XS (4-6r.) 42 50 27 - - -
baby (2-4r.) 36 43 20 - - -
baby XS (1-2r.) 32 36 17 - - -
baby XXS (0-1r.) 20 30 15 - - -


3XL 85 20
XXL 80 20
XL 75 20
L 70 20
M 65 18
S 60 16
XS 55 14

- Goalkeeper’s dress to be marked with a letter “G” before the size tagging (G3XL, GXXL, GXL,...)

- A captain to be marked with a letter “C” and an assistant with a letter “A”

- Outfits are made of elastic material, therefore there can be a 3% deviation form the table

- Each size is indicated in cm